What is the scope of the assistance offered?

It covers a broad range of severe issues.

Does it include medical, financial and legal advice?

Legally, it is not licensed to provide medical advice, nor the specifics of these two 'human function' subjects.

Can it assist in respect of related issues?

Yes, but only in the sense of how best to deal with the underlying quality-of-Life considerations.

What is meant therefore by 'Life' in the context of these services?

Whilst excluding the unlicensed areas, the service confines itself to identifying absolute solutions to associated issues, thereby helping to deal with many related dysfunctions, and also helping to reduce or avoid needless harm.

Does this mean that the service also excludes such as jobs, homes, money and travel?

They are not actually 'Life' itself, but it does not exclude how best to resolve related Life-harming issues.

Is the service politically or religiously motivated?

It provides only impartial Consultancy.

Does it not have any biases?

Whilst being both commercial and strictly philanthropic, the emphasis is toward helping to enhance the overall quality of human existence - together with all interrelated factors.

What do I need to do to pursue receiving Consultancy assistance?

Consider becoming a client: 'Contact'